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Displaying Your Custom Vinyl Banner

There are two ways to display your Custom Vinyl Banner, either you will have it portable or permanent. . We'll go into different installation methods and advice for deciding the perfect place to display your new custom vinyl banner.

If you decide on a permanent location for your custom vinyl banner, there are quite a few options. This method of installation works best when you consistently play at the same venue or if you only appear in one location.

The first thing to do when you decide to install a banner permanently is to make sure you mount or hang it on a solid surface. You will need a drill with either a masonry or wood bit, depending on the surface. You can drill holes in the wall and then attach your banner by running screws through the grommets that can be found at the top of the sign. This method will require proper measurement to make sure that your banner lines up perfectly.

There are, of course many more options when you are installing a temporary custom vinyl banner. If your custom vinyl banner is small all you will need is a Simple Banner Frame for installation. This frame should have a solid base that is weighted at the bottom with sand or a cement block. This weight will keep the custom vinyl banner secure so it will not tip over in a wind.

When you insert the custom vinyl banner be sure to pull it taut on all four corners. Large frames are available if you have a wider custom vinyl banner. After the event, this stand may need to be dismantled if you have not the storage space.

When hanging your large custom vinyl banner in a permanent location you must make sure that the location you decided to hang the banner will be able to support it .The two Banner Mounting Brackets should be far enough apart to prevent any sagging in the middle of your custom vinyl banner. These brackets will be used to fasten the rope that will run through the grommets at the top of your banner. The first time that you install your custom vinyl banner make sure that you leave extra rope on each side so that you can cut it to match if necessary. This will insure that you have enough rope the next time you install your custom vinyl banner.

What ever method that you chose to display your custom vinyl banner t is important to take good care of it. Our custom vinyl banners are made using superior vinyl, but high winds can damage any banner. The grommets can pull loose and tear the vinyl. The custom vinyl banner can with stand most wind, but be sure to remove the banner if the forecast calls for high wind and storms. Taking care of the custom vinyl banner will increase the life-span of your banner.

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